Today at Gawker.TV, Three reasons why it's time to put Barbara Walters in a home, highlights from The Soup, The Ricky Gervais Show's Karl Pilkington ponders "eating knob," and how The Marriage Ref sums up everything wrong with NBC.

Three Reasons Why it Might be Time to Put Barbara Walters in a Home
Barbara Walters is one of the hardest working women in show business, not to mention one of the oldest. And do you know what kind of toll the schedule she keeps has on a woman her age?! Take a look.

Karl Pilkington "Could Eat a Knob at Night" on The Ricky Gervais Show
HBO's new offering is even more hilarious than it was when it was a mere audio program. If you still have not met Ricky's object of constant ridicule, the indescribable Karl Pilkington, you need to stop doing yourself a disservice.

Four Reasons Why The Marriage Ref Sums Up Everything Wrong With NBC
It's easy to be hyperbolic about how bad The Marriage Ref is. "Televised Abortion" immediately springs to mind. Inside, the mistakes NBC has made over the years with their programming, and how it's all echoed in The Marriage Ref.

What TV Moments did Joel McHale Make Fun of This Week?
The Soup targeted Tyra's self-obsessed side, how dumb the Amazing Race contestants actually are, the biggest crybaby at the Tool Academy, and KTLA having a laugh at at old man who tried to high jump and fell down—hard.

The Amazing Race: Return of the Roaming Gnome
After two Chile-riffic episodes, the teams finally made their way to another country! All they needed was to take a "scenic, six-hour" bus ride through the Andes into Bariloche, Argentina. And the challenges had the cowboys written all over them.