White Castle is, without a doubt, the most depressing fast food chain out there. Lifeless white walls, sad, grayish burgers, and unhappy employees. Everything about it just screams depressing dining experience. Last night's Undercover Boss confirmed this.

David Rife, owner of White Castle, did the usual song and dance by dressing up as an undercover blue collar worker in order to bust his ass on various entry level jobs at his company. He made burgers, he fried those alarmingly processed chicken fries, he stuffed buns inside of plastic bags, and he worked the factory line putting cheese on sliders. And at the end, he surprised the people he worked by revealing his true identity as their millionaire boss. Jokes on you, suckers! I'm playing golf and smoking cigars tomorrow while you're still gonna be slapping processed cheese on processed burgers! He was terrible at all of it (with the exception of telling them that he owned White Castle), but where this episode of Undercover Boss strayed from others is just how poorly everything was run—and how aggressively unhappy all of the employees were.

In past episodes the show was able to find employees that despite their menial job, found joy in their work. They were enthusiastic, nice to the customers, and had a sense of pride in how they went about their day. Not at White Castle! Frowns, cutting corners, and doing juuuust enough not to get fired was the name of the game.

The one person that didn't come off as absolutely miserable was a young kid who put his own salsa on his burger to give it actual flavor. He shared his salsa with Rife, and Rife ended up giving the kid a $5,000 scholarship to college and a meeting with White Castle's culinary team, which is most likely a group of hobos with no taste buds. So look for salsa verde on your White Castle burgers in the future!

Usually the company featured on Undercover Boss is a well run machine that has somehow lost its way. But I think that despite Rife trying to make White Castle turn over a new leaf, my next order of chicken rings will still be served with a side of sadness.