David Paterson put Andrew Cuomo in charge of the investigation into whether or not Paterson abused his power. "The attorney general's done his job, I think, extraordinarily well over the last four years," Paterson told the press today. O, rly?

The New York Observer invited the embattled and not-running-for-election governor to breakfast this morning, because they are kind souls. This praise for Cuomo is a bit of a change of pace for Paterson.

It was a little bit less than a month ago when Paterson was bitching about how Cuomo refused to actually run for office while running for office.

And Paterson must've had someone in mind when he accused unnamed political opponents of planting vicious smears about him in the press and on blogs and so on, right?

That's all in the past, though. Great job, Andrew! (PS if you send Pedro Espada to jail maybe we'll actually vote for you and regret it forever.)