Of all the wrenchingly bleak characters on the socialite's upcoming reality series Social Life — Devorah Rose, PJ Calderon, Sheik Malik — the most wrenching, the most bleak, is... an Old! It's Tinsley's mom, Dale Mercer. She's delightfully crazy.

And Southern! Oh so Southern. It's sort of a funny indicator of our tastes these days that a Botoxed Woman of a Certain Age could tickle our fancy more than the young(ish) socials milling about in the foreground. Based on the first two episodes (yayyy screeners), the actual Tinsley isn't that interesting. Frankly, we preferred our imagined version to the real thing. Alas. At least we have mom, though. A Real Housewife of... something.

Here's a clip from the second episode screener, in which ol' Dale makes an awkward joke about Tinsley's ex-husband, Topper, that's really not a joke at all. We're sadly excited for more of this.