From the network that brought you "Paranormal Cops" and that show about the exterminator comes a new drama about the dramatic tedium faced by New York MTA workers. Well—it would be coming, if the MTA had its shit together.

A&E has an idea. Not just any idea; an idea for a reality show about life as a worker in New York's subway system. There would be, you know, trains, surly people, delays, homeless people, the maddeningly slow hands of the clock, crazy people. Everything. It's no "Parking Wars," sure, but it has the potential to equal or even surpass "Sell This House" in its ability to leverage a distasteful task into purported entertainment. And its creator was inspired by a great work of art:

Inspired by his children's Thomas the Tank Engine toys, [producer Ross] Breitenbach approached the transportation authority last year about an animated children's show focused on the subway. But the conversation quickly shifted to something more vérité.

Anyhow it's all on hold cause the MTA is broke and criminally incompetent. Surprise.
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