Bill Murray hobbled out onto Letterman last night in crutches, shorts and a parka to do an "interview", but it was more like two comedic masters trying to outweird each other the whole time—and it was hilarious.

Murray injured himself by tearing his meniscus while skiing during Sundance, so the crutches were warranted. And even though he wasn't wearing a cast, he had Letterman sign his leg. But Letterman was more than hospitable, lowering down a sling from the rafters for Murray to slip his leg through.

For the second segment of the interview, Murray showed his love for Johnny Weir, and the Olympics, by slipping into something a little more comfortable.

However, he did give one bit of interesting information. Since it's the 25th anniversary of Ghostbusters, Letterman asked him if there was any truth to the rumors of Ghostbusters 3, Murray said that he would do it if he could be killed in the first reel. So we guess Ghostbusters 3, starring Bill Murray (for a scene) is a go! It was hard to take anything seriously while he was wearing a shiny pink shirt, though.

[The Late Show With David Letterman]