In your tragic Tuesday media column: NYC's Oscar viewing is endangered, Daily Beast nilla listicles protested, Carlos Slim is a looming threat, and Norm!

A spat between Cablevision and Disney could cause New York's ABC network to go dark for Cablevision customers. Who cares, right? Well, it could mean that 3 million subscribers can't see the Academy Awards Sunday night. Still, I think Cablevision subscribers are a lot of Long Island people, so no big loss.

A bunch of black Pulitzer winners point out that the Daily Beast's magical "most influential journalists" listicles are just full of white people. And don't forget the fact that they guy who put the lists together, Tunku Varadarajan, is kind of a psycho! Also they are just 100% linkbait, regardless.

The NYT was comically tight-lipped about yesterday's stock-pumping Carlos Slim buyout rumor. But at least they stuck this on Dealbook: "Slim Is ‘Happy' With Times Company Stake." They put "Happy" in scare quotes. Ouch.

Here is an entertaining Q&A with Las Vegas gossip columnist Norm! Clarke. You know him as they guy with the eye patch! And the exclamation point!