Today at Gawker.TV, Bill Murray's zany antics on The Late Show, forgetful Robin Roberts, the best sinister laughs from Sci-Fi movies, How I Met Your Mother's teacup pigs, and Howard Stern's Leno-bashing appearance on The Early Show.

Robin Roberts Awkwardly Forgets Reporter's Name on GMA
Everyone hates those uncomfortable moments when you run into someone whose name you just can't remember. But what happens when you're Robin Roberts on live national television and you forget that nice blond coworker's name? Awkwardness—lots of it.

The Evillution of The Sinister Laugh In Under Two Minutes
When did the evil laugh get so powerful? We distilled your favorite Sci-Fi movies to answer these questions and to pump out a recap of all the most sinister yucks of all time.

Bill Murray Is Just the Best
Bill Murray hobbled out onto Letterman last night in crutches, shorts and a parka to do an "interview", but it was more like two comedic masters trying to outweird each other the whole time—and it was hilarious.

Howard Stern Makes a Rare TV Appearance to Castigate Jay Leno
The day after Leno's Tonight Show premiers, The Early Show invites Howard Stern onto their show to discuss bash Jay Leno. Stern didn't hold back, saying the mere mention of Leno's name makes him want to vomit.

How I Met Your Mother Delights all by Incorporating Teacup Pigs
During Barney's quest to bed the ladies, he stumbled upon a sure-fire way to get girls to come back to his apartment: Teacup Pigs. We dare you not to squeal with delight at the sight of these miniature piggies.