Sarah Palin made a rogue late night appearance this evening and visited Jay Leno on The Tonight Show. Palin addressed her hand note gaffe, the ~media~ and her Fox News job before doing a stand-up routine (seriously). Video inside.

Why did Palin join Fox News, you ask? Well, she believes that "the mainstream media is quite broken," and that "there needs to be the fairness, the balance in there." Not very subtle with the talking points, are you, Ms. Palin?

Later, Leno asked Palin if she ever gets upset with the media or feels that they try to bait her into reacting stupidly to things. No, said Palin—but she did mention that she would appreciate the opportunity to "follow up" more often, citing the recent controversy that resulted from her tiff with "The Family Guy," as she calls it.


Leno then asked Palin about being caught with written notes on her hand at the National Tea Party Convention. And in true Palin style, she attempted to turn the embarrassment into some sort of commendable expression of principle.

And then there was this: Palin, the stand-up comedian?! It was random, it was weird, it was pretty damn bad (though I have a feeling some will think her monologue was funnier than Leno's), and it's definitely something that's easier seen than explained. So, watch.


[The Tonight Show with Jay Leno]