Yeah, even the big bad Ben had to start somewhere. Before he was scooping up Emmys and playing arguably the best villain ever, one of Michael Emerson's first gigs? An inmate counselor in a prison guard training video!

This 1992 video was designed to show prison employees how to deal with temperamental prisoners. Michael Emerson plays Higgins' (the unruly prisoner) counselor, Mr. Andrews. He is brought in as a second attempt to calm Higgins down.

This Andrews character sure sucks at manipulation, though. He could take a lesson or two from Ben Linus. I don't know about you, but it's hard for me to distinguish Ben Linus from any character Emerson plays. I watch this and see Ben Linus, but in a mousier, less awesome form.

For a contrast (or lack thereof, because it's pretty much the same exact character) take this scene from season three, where Ben convinces Jack to trust him, using one of baseball's biggest upsets: the 2004 World Series Championship.