Add two more to UnLocke's roster. Welcome aboard Sayid "So Much Blood On My Hands" Jarrah! Don't be shy Kate Austin, you've not heard the battle plan, but we've room for you too. Stand right here beside Koo-Koo Crazy Claire.

The crazy temple shit is all up in the fan. Sayid is stab-happy, Kate's Claire crazy, Claire is making about as much sense as Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man, and Ben Linus is running around with urine stained pants. Last night's episode had no numbers, no lighthouses, and no Jack Junior. WTF?! But don't worry. You want answers? Why don't you join Flocke's Army?

He makes wishes come true:

He has all the answers to all those WTFs weighing on your mind:

He's won more Emmys than Jacob ever will:

And best of all? He's your friend:

What's that? You say you don't want to join? Bad move. Very bad move: