In November of 2005, Tiger Woods was coming off one of his best years ever in the major championships. Two wins, at the Masters and British Open, a second at the U.S. Open and a t-4 at the PGA Championship.

That same year, the television show Yes, Dear starring some people that I have never heard of had this 16 second clip in one of their shows that eerily predicts the Tiger Woods sex scandals.

Watch and be amazed. Original air date: November 2, 2005.

[via YouTube]

The joke is that the man on the left (we will call him Laughtrack) can't keep his mind off sex, and he compares it to "Tiger Woods keeping his mind off sex." The joke (and it's a zinger) is that he meant to say "Tiger Woods keeping his mind off golf!" Get it!!?!

If anything, I can promise you this ... if TIger and Elin were at home watching this show at that time, and that came on the screen, Tiger went cold nervous for about eight seconds until they cut to commercial.

[via Sports Fellas Twitter]

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