Last night on The Millionaire Matchmaker we saw a first-hand account of how to ruin a glamorous date with one of Patty's millionaires: showing up to the date schnockered. Here, Angel shows us how to ruin a night in Vegas.

For the first part of the date, Jimmy D decided to throw down $50,000 in a poker game with Angel. She doesn't know how to play at all, and what's worse—she reeks of alcohol! In this clip, Jimmy D mentions his concerns for Angel's drunkenness, but plays along and teaches her the game.

To everyone's surprise: they win! However, Angel's either too drunk (or too stupid) to comprehend that the chips are actually worth something. Or as she ever-so-gracefully pus it, "I was like, wait a second, cause I forgot, cause it's chips, did I really win money? Cause it's just chips!"

When it's time for part two for the date, Angel goes up to change and never comes back downstairs. Jimmy D calls waits around downstairs, calls her, and finally decides to go up to her room to see what's up.

She needs to go brush her teeth? Guess what, Jimmy D: your lady's been a-puking. Finally, he confronts her in the clip below. She denies that she drinks (usually) and then hits him up for part of their winnings.

Wht's the moral of the story? Jimmy D ain't no cash machine—and he doesn't want your pukey, blonde, drunken ass anywhere near his millions.