Adult Animation is becoming mainstream, but the line such a thing must walk to capture a real audience keeps thinning. Will Ugly Americans reach a real audience, or will it vanish as so many attempts at "innovation" seem to do?

Ugly AmericansMar 17, 10:30pm / 9:30c
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So that's the "teaser" we've been tipped, but what is it we're actually looking forward to? The guy that has the most to win from this whole thing is creator Devin Clark. Obviously a creative guy, but I don't see a huge audience for the kind of work he's done in the past, like...

The Zombie Election:

TCM Friday Night Promo:

The other party at the Ugly Americans helm has a ton of my respect already. He could either prove himself all over again or lose just a hair of my adoration. He is producer David M. Stern, and he's the man credited as head writer for such Simpsons episodes as the immortal "Kamp Krusty." He's not just a Simpsons writer, he's a REAL Simpsons writer.

I'll be tuning in come March 17, but will I stick around? Don't know.