Today at Gawker.TV, how to lose a Millionaire in Vegas, Yes, Dear predicted Tiger Woods' woes 2005, the Losties flock to the bad side, a father-to-be's beatboxing skills, and why Parenthood is just another notch on NBC's belt of failures.

Yes, Dear is the Nostradamus of the Tiger Woods Scandal
In November of 2005, Tiger Woods was coming off one of his best years ever in the major championships. Two wins, at the Masters and British Open, a second at the U.S. Open and a t-4 at the PGA Championship.

Parenthood: Another Notch on NBC's Failure Belt
In another example of the continuing disaster that is NBC, Parenthood—the widely-hyped series based on the 1989 movie—premiered tonight. And as expected, there were a ton of soapy tropes and many a tear shed. Inside, two standout moments.

An Army of Flocke
Add two more to UnLocke's roster. Welcome aboard Sayid "So Much Blood On My Hands" Jarrah! Don't be shy Kate Austin, you've not heard the battle plan, but we've room for you too. Stand right here beside Koo-Koo Crazy Claire.

16 and Pregnant: Beatboxing Is Not a Form of Birth Control
Why is it so hard to get through to teenagers? If it's not coming home after curfew, it's that they're always getting pregnant. Valerie is no different, only this time the babydaddy actually has something to offer: mad beatboxing skillzzz.

How to Ruin a Date with a Millionaire: Show Up Drunk, Puke Before Dinner
Last night on The Millionaire Matchmaker we saw a first-hand account of how to ruin a glamorous date with one of Patty's millionaires: showing up to the date intoxicated. Here, Angel shows us how to ruin a night in Vegas.