Dell kept hanging up on Chris Anderson; Neel Shah mounted a pro-Shake Shack counterattack; and Irin Carmon worried about the "invasion" of SXSW. The Twitterati were dealing with true offensives.

Irin Carmon of Jezeel said a pro-Israel group's tweet about the SXSW conference occupied that strip of communications territory between bad taste and bad word choice. But she wasn't going to throw stones or go on some jihad about it. (In fairness, intelligence reports indicate SXSW had been planning a sneak attack.)

Wired's Chris Anderson can't get Dell to talk about his broken laptop. Paging Jeff Jarvis....

Neel "Gawker Intern Neel" Shah of the New York Post is no fan of the woman who murdered his Shake Shack. On the other hand, we're guessing said woman did not like be called a "husky-voiced blonde" in Shah's tabloid.

Paparazzi picture broker X17 is becoming like Twitpic for celebrities. Who needs an iPhone?

It's not you, it's her: Serena Williams wants to see other social networks.

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