Tonight on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart delivered a one-two punch to Sarah Palin—and the network she now works for—with his commentary on her Tonight Show appearance and on Fox News' newest blonde bombshell, Megyn Kelly. Video inside.

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Stewart opened his show with a segment about Palin's interview with Jay Leno last night (he also took a slight dig at Leno, saying, "Who the f*ck was that guy?" after playing a clip of Palin's introduction), and mocked her for working in the Fox News slogan with her "I think that there needs to be the fairness, the balance in there" quote related to what needs to change in the media.

Then, Stewart went after Fox News midday anchor Megyn Kelly, whose program—America Live, airing weekdays from 1:00 to 3:00 PM ET—is supposedly part of the network's hard news (ergo, no opinion) lineup.

Stewart first criticized a promo for Kelly's show, which promises to bring—fair and balanced—both sides of every story and includes the following photo of a man and a woman arguing:

Said Stewart, "As the promo shows you, America Live gives you both sides of the story: the smiling, Jesus flag t-shirt man side, and that other crazy bitch's side. That's a very fair picture of what arguments look like. Happy, smiling Jesus guy and angry, nose ring liberal lady."

Afterward, Stewart picked apart Kelly's two-hour "Healthcare Summit," which aired last Thursday, and pointed out the glaring interjections of opinion and agenda throughout.

First, it was irresponsible American consumers and reckless credit card companies. Then, Rick Sanchez. And now, Palin and Kelly/Fox News. Is Stewart on a roll or is Stewart on a roll? Game, set, match.

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