America's Greatest Controversy on this day in history: did a white sorority win a step show competition, ZOMG? Or would the world maybe blow up if something like that happened? And also Sprite is so racist, against Obama.

Everybody knows that only black sororities and frats can win at step show competitions, because that is how things are in the USA. OR DID OBAMA CHANGE EVERYTHING? That's what some white sorority from Arkansas thought, when they entered and even won the big national step show competition! But then, haha, Sprite, which sponsored this competition, got so terrified by the backlash that they magically discovered a scoring error that meant the white girls did not actually "win:"

Spokesmen from the Coca-Cola Co. (Sprite's corporate parent) won't say anything beyond a vague official statement: "We conducted a post-competition review and discovered a scoring discrepancy. There is no conclusive interpretation, nor definitive resolution for the discrepancy." Thus, Coca-Cola gave both groups $100,000. (The second-place prize had been $50,000.)

Yes, the Coca-Cola Co. paid $50k just to avoid the uncomfortable situation of having to stand up and say that some white sorority won their step show competition. So the downside is Obama's dream is dead, but the upside is, great story in the WaPo! And some good Matrix dance steps!