In your indecent Thursday media column: golf writers assaulted by Twitter, Pinch Sulzberger has a theory, Barack Obama look suspicious, and the headline of the day.

Here's how it is to be a journalist in Jacksonville, FL: John Daly didn't like what a golf writer for the local paper wrote about him, so he tweeted his cell phone number, and the writer got like 100 angry calls from (drunk?) John Daly fans. Now golf writers want the PGA to suspend John Daly, but maybe instead he should just lose some weight.

At a conference earlier this week, Pinch Sulzberger explained why the NYT is taking a full year to implement its paid online access system: "you don't get any prizes for getting it fast - you get prizes for getting it right." I don't think you really get a prize, per se.

Barack Obama is going to appear on the 1,000th episode of America's Most Wanted. If you have seen this man, call 1-800-CRIMESTOPPERS. Operators are standing by.

"Judge orders Web site to remove story about fictional giraffe attack." Why even click through and risk ruining it?