The Olympics ended this week, but that doesn't mean Canada's out of the spotlight yet! Let's celebrate the Great White North one last time with a Canadian comment roundup, eh? Then you can go back to being the USA's hat.

[Whitney Jefferson, Richard Blakeley, Mike Byhoff and Matt Cherette at February's commenter meet-up. Photo by Diana Levine.]

Stephen Colbert made fun of Canada, and it was hilarious. But you canucks didn't seem to think so.

Thrillho was nice enough to clarify what Canada meant when they said they would "own the podium."

In true, Canadian fashion, AJ_Bee laid a weirdly apologetic smack down when it came to the medal count. Jesus, even when you're mean you're nice! Why is that? Oh, because you have to be. You're Canadian.

At least DeadliestSin is self aware. Canadians are easily impressed.

And raincoaster just posted

Low blow, man. Low blow.

On a happier, less competitive and way more awesome note, Robyn Caplan put together a great collection of Canadian PSAs. A bunch of you added your own favorites.

This Fire PSA from TheKnark

Robyn put a late submission in the comments about this Dr. Penfield character. The seizure victim in the PSA says "he is the greatest Canadian alive." She's clearly never seen Back To The Future, because if she had she'd know that Michael J. Fox is the greatest Canadian ever. EVER.

And Mike Bach shared with us the most awesome drug rap song I've ever heard.

That's all for now! Next week I won't be such a canadiaphile, I swear.

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