People who shouldn't sing "Cherry Bomb" while writhing around on the floor: The Queen Mum, Martha Stewart, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Mario Batali, and Dakota Fanning. Dakota Fanning being the one I would like to see least. And we are.

It's a trailer for The Runaways, a loose adaptation of Runaways' lead singer Cherie Currie's autobiography about the band that featured Joan Jett, Cherie Curry, and Sandy West (left out Lita Ford. Stupid me). It stars Dakota Fanning and Twilight's Kristen Stewart trying not to be 'that girl from Twilight'. But it looks more like a sweeping move by Fanning to transition—harshly—from little girl who just lost her baby teeth to a prowling and aggressive sex object. And if there's one thing we want to see, it's Dakota Fanning shaking her brand new boobs in bright red lipstick (we definitely don't want to see that). So shine on you crazy sex kitten! But don't shine too brightly, because you might end up dating John Mayer.