Yesterday, we wondered if it was possible for Zach Galifianakis to not be funny. If tonight's SNL is any indication, the answer is a definitive "No." Inside, video of Galifianakis "dropping by the set" of a host of NBC shows.

First up: "Zach Drops By the Set." In this hilarious sketch, Galifianakis creepily insinuated himself in the background—and, sometimes, in the foreground—of NBC Nightly News, Showtime at the Apollo, Dr. Oz, 30 Rock, a random boy's 11th birthday party, Law & Order and a vintage episode of the show he's hosting right now (as a bearded child, natch).

And for good measure, he even showed up—and made funnier—in a subsequent Kathie Lee and Hoda sketch.

Tonight's episode of SNL is, by far, the best this season—maybe even the best in a few years. Kudos, Mr. Galifianakis, to a job well done.