Network execs hate Jerry Seinfeld's new show as much as we do. It's their own fault for the Leno fiasco, and now they're using Yiddish words and shaking in their "deep doo-doo." Real-life Costanza says it's all about ego.

Interestingly, the Post's write-up is by Jerry Oppenheimer, king of the brutal unauthorized biography, including a one on Seinfeld. Watch him do his thing:

"Jerry could have walked in the door with a show based on a guy sitting with a paper bag over his head and it would have been green-lighted," said the executive. "His name and fame is golden, and the network needs all the help it can get.

"If you know the Yiddish term kvelling, that's what the executives were doing. They were rejoicing. Jerry's back! Seinfeld's in the house again!"

Seinfeld's estranged pal Costanza—who inspired the Seinfeld character with his name—dishes, even though he doesn't talk to Jerry anymore.

Mike Costanza, a former pal of Seinfeld's, believes he decided to do "The Marriage Ref" because of "ego, pure ego."

...Costanza, a Long Island real estate agent, said Jerry was typical of "people who need to know that they can do it again. They had this one unbelievable success and they need to feel that they can do it again. That it wasn't just luck. I'm not in the least surprised that Jerry's doing this new show. I always knew he was going to do something again. And anything he does is a fully measured and thought-out thing."

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