Oh, snap! Moments ago on E!'s Live from the Red Carpet, Ryan Seacrest had a painfully awkward exchange with Meryl Streep. Asked by Seacrest what she thought of the Best Actress race, Streep commented, "You were cheerleading [for Sandra Bullock]."

It took Seacrest a bit of wrangling to even get Streep to grant him an interview, and—in retrospect—we wonder if he wishes he hadn't, because it seemed Queen Meryl had a bone to pick about Seacrest's over-the-top praise of Best Actress favorite Bullock (Streep is nominated in the same category).

A transcript of their exchange:

Seacrest: How do you think this is gonna go down inside? There's been so much talk about your category, Meryl.

Streep: Yes, I was watching you earlier interviewing Sandra Bullock.

Seacrest: Oh, gosh. I knew you were gonna come and you were gonna crush me. And... what did you feel when I said that?

Streep: No, you were cheerleading a little, but that's all right.

Seacrest: I feel like... you are the matriarch.

Streep: I'm in love with her, as is everybody in America. And I kind of am pulling for all the young gals.

Seacrest: How many times have you been nominated in total? It's something crazy.

Streep: Seventeen.

(Streep walks away without saying goodbye.)

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