For this leg of the race, the teams flew halfway around the world from Argentina to Germany. They bumbled around Hamburg drinking beer, scarfing down sauerkraut and sucking at soccer, essentially perpetuating every German stereotype. Spreken zie deutsch?

For the second week in a row, the cowboys, Jet & Cord, were the first team to depart. The travel portion of this leg of the race was so boring, they didn't even bother to show it and cut right to the airport the next morning. All the teams were evenly matched at this point, as they awaited their flights to Frankfurt. This has always been my one gripe with The Race. What's the point of finishing first if they're all going to end up on the same flight anyway? The teams up front lose any major lead, and that's just not fair to my favorite cowboys. But I digress. After the teams flew in to Frankfurt, their task was to hop a train to Hamburg and find a street called Jungfernsteig. German words bring out the immaturity in me, because every time Phil pronounced something this episode, I giggled like a school girl. Take it away, Phil!

A few teams ended up paired with one another, based on the flights they were on. The cowboys and detectives were on one plane, the lesbians and brothers on another, and the last four teams on the third. So, in the fight to catch the train to Hamburg, the cowboys and detectives made the 3:37 train with no problem. Right behind them were the annoying and agitated Carol & Brandy and Dan & Jordan, who narrowly missed that same 3:37 train and ended up on second train with the last four teams. So going into the Road Block, the cowboys were ahead again, this time bringing the usually in last place detectives with them. Everyone else was neck and neck, much to Brandy's chagrin.

Once the teams found Jungfernsteig Street, The Race dusted off the Intersection (which we haven't seen since season 11), where teams would have to voluntarily pair up together to complete the Road Block, which joined one member from each team in a bungee jump from really, really high up above Hamburg. Getting on the first flight with the cowboys came in handy for the detectives, as the city and country boys joined forces in order to stay in first and second place. But before they made the leap, Jet was asked to remove his beloved hat for the jump, so it wouldn't fall off. Jet politely declined and kept it on saying that it wouldn't fall off. And he lose it? Hell no. That thing stayed on tighter than a duck's ass. And just how that hat stayed on is a cowboy's trade secret. Moral of the story? Don't ever doubt a cowboy. Let us just take a moment to bow down to the power of the hat.

Also paired up were Carol & Brandy and Dan & Jordan. The teams are both neurotic in their own right, but get along really well. Dan affectionately called Carol "the lesbian aunt [he] never had." It's true. Of the two Carol is much, much funnier and way more tolerable. If I had a lesbian aunt I'd want her to be like Carol. Though, it was too bad for Brandy that the Road Block was bungee jumping, because, in a very smart preparation for the race, the lesbians went bungee jumping before hand to make sure it was something they could handle, and Brandy found out then that it was clearly not. Despite her fears, Brandy completed the Road Block with a lot of support from Dan, who talked and coddled her through the whole thing. Allie & Joe did well too, but they're boring, so who cares. And last but not least, Dumb & Dumber were paired together. The young, attractive, but not-much-going-on-upstairs Jordan and Caite were the ones to take on the Road Block. It's too bad they were too stupid to figure out how to use the metro, and went in the wrong direction ensuring they'd stay in last place this entire leg of the race. And Caite apparently lived in Manhattan for a while, so she really had no excuse not knowing how to navigate something so similar to the subway. But then again, something tells me she's way, way too prissy for that. I wouldn't be surprised if she cabbed it everywhere while living in New York.

The Detour for this leg was Sauerkraut or Soccer. Teams either had to eat a heaping plate full of sauerkraut before German's Germaniest polka band finished playing "The Sauerkraut Polka" (if they didn't finish, they would have to try again with a brand new full plate) or kick five penalty shots through targets suspended in the goal. The detectives were the first ones to reach the Detour, and they went for Sauerkraut. Michael scarfed the plate down so quickly, I don't even think the band got through the first eight bars. But hey, good for them because his disgusting love for pickled cabbage kept them way ahead of anyone else and they flew right into the next part of the mission, drinking a giant Das Boot of beer. Here, Louie happily picked up the slack as Michael apparently isn't much of a beer drinker. A cop that doesn't like beer but will happily eat an entire plate of sauerkraut? I call shenanigans!

Meanwhile, everyone else went for Soccer at first, except Carol & Brandy and Jeff & Jordan, who opted for Sauerkraut. And while most teams had no trouble with the penalty shots, Joe couldn't kick the ball to save his life. He blamed it on his bad knee, but I think he just sucks at soccer. So he and Heidi switched it up and tackled the Sauerkraut challenge. Jeff & Jordan had the opposite problem. Not only were they way behind everyone else because their cab driver had no sense of direction and got them impossibly lost, but they couldn't stomach the sauerkraut and wasted even more time switching to the soccer field, which they ended up finishing pretty quickly. Had they skipped Sauerkraut all together, they would have gained some serious ground.

Despite whether they chose to eat or play like a German, everyone had to finish the leg off with that big ol' boot of beer. Needless to say the boot, which looked like it had at least a pitcher in it, if not more, took it's toll on the racers, and they ended up burping and throwing up for the rest of the episode. Stay classy, The Amazing Race.

Finally, for the Pit Stop, the teams had to find Indra, the first club The Beatles ever played in Hamburg. There they were welcomed by the most awkward Beatles cover band ever. Frankly, if they really wanted to go the musical route, I would have much rather seen something devoted to Germany's favorite musician: David Hasselhoff. I'm not saying I don't love The Beatles, but a tribute to The Hoff would have fit in much better with the theme of "German favorites" this episode. Beer, Sauerkraut, Soccer and The Hoff? That's what Germany is all about.

The detectives came back from way behind to score the first place spot and $5000 each. And bringing up the rear were CBS darlings Jeff & Jordan. Despite how bad these two are at the race, I am still a huge, huge fan and was so upset knowing they were in last place. I was not ready to see them go! Luckily, CBS certainly takes care of their own because *gasp!* this was a non-elimination leg! No coincidence there, I'm sure. Thankfully for good T.V. and Jeff & Jordan, they live to fight another day. I just hope their speed bump doesn't throw them for too much of a loop during the next leg.

And next week's promo looks promising. World War I reenactments in Germany! What could possibly go wrong with that scenario?