Two Engadget editors had it out over some kind of sex-gender thing; Ayelet Waldman failed to fail to book a hotel room; and Fleetwood Mac shocked Leon Neyfakh. The Twitterati left their affairs out of order.

A little pitter-patter among Engadget editors Joanna Stern in New York and Vlad Savov in London turned into some sort of international incident. We're not sure what Stern meant by "SBC," but if it's on this list we're pretty sure both involved parties now have grounds for a lawsuit, should it come to that.

Author and enthusiastic Michael Chabon sex partner Ayelet Waldman set some kind of land-speed record for fussiness, and no one knew how to handle it.

Actress and sometime tech TV host Olivia Munn wished her mom would un-learn her Twitter address.

Carl Lavin, a Forbes managing editor, would like to congratulate you on that work you are most definitely going to finish on time. Congratulations for hitting your target in two days and not losing your jobs, fellas!

The New York Observer's Leon Neyfakh took your love and he took it down.

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