Roger Ross Williams, the Taylor Swift to Elinor Burkett's Kanye West, appeared on Larry King Live tonight to give, uninterrupted, the Oscar acceptance speech he wasn't able to during yesterday's big event. And then he was interrupted. Video inside.

King sat with Williams for a bit before letting him go off and pretend it was Sunday and he was still at the Kodak Theater, and it was then that his catty feelings toward Burkett really came out.

After explaining to King that "disputes... in creativity" led to the tiff between him and Burkett, Williams was asked if they were friends. "No, I wouldn't say we're friends," Williams replied, before he reiterated that Burkett had no involvement in the winning film—Music By Prudence—since last May, mentioned that he produced and directed it, and alluded to the fact that Burkett's speech was more about her than about Prudence, who he claimed he was there to honor. *Snaps*

Then, King gave Williams the opportunity to redo his acceptance speech "uninterrupted," and even mock-announced the whole "And the winner is..." bit. That's when things got good.

First of all, Williams' feigned shock is just straight up hilarious. Secondly, he had 24 hours to prepare—AGAIN—for this speech, so the fact that he had to reference his notes multiple times was icing on the cake. Thirdly, the fact that he didn't modify his speech at all, and even pretended that both Prudence and his mother were "here tonight," was icing on the icing.

And then there's the motherload: before finishing his speech, Williams suddenly stopped talking and appeared visibly confused...

...before shuffling about for a couple of seconds and returning to King's desk. It seemed they were out of time! Uh-oh. But don't tell King that he interrupted Williams, because he DIDN'T, dammit.

Williams then finished his speech—kind of—while seated at King's desk. No word yet on whether or not he'll try for a "Third time's the charm" type of appearance anywhere else.

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