A third NYPD officer has been arrested for his role in last month's heist of a New Jersey perfume factory. Or, as we prefer to call it, "The Worst Fucking Heist Ever." Don't rogue cops even watch movies?

It went down like this: Richard LeBlanca and Brian Checo, two real NYPD officers, ran into In Style USA's New Jersey warehouse on Feb. 9 at 6:20 p.m., shouting "NYPD! Hands up!" They bound the hands of the dozen warehouse workers with plastic cuffs. Then, the 16 day laborers they had hired helped them load up the five trucks they'd rented with $1 million in perfume. Then they left.

Among the easily identified problems with the heist: the fact that they were really NYPD officers, and that they claimed to be NYPD officers, on the assumption that nothing would seem suspicious about NYPD officers making off with $1 million in perfume; the fact they hired 16 fucking day laborers for the task, on the assumption that none of them would snitch; and this entire final paragraph from the NYT's account of the story:

But things went awry when one of the victims managed to call 911, Mr. Gramiccioni said. When the police arrived, two of the rental trucks were at the scene. Officials traced those to a rental agency and found that Officer LeBlanca had paid $205.79 for one of the trucks with a Visa debit card, which was subscribed and billed to his home in Manhattan, the court papers said. He and Officer Checo had also provided information from their driver's licenses, the court papers said