With 2010's awards season finally over, it was time for the tasteless, talentless* E! Fashion Police critique of the Oscars' sartorial winners and losers. Joan Rivers shined with her characteristically brusque humor and absolute refusal to kiss Hollywood's infinite ass.

Here, a compilation of Joan's best quips and catty compliments (the only reason to watch in the first place):

And the winners were:

Worst Dressed Man: Jeff Bridges, who committed the gravest of fashion don'ts showing up sans tailored shirt.
Worst Dressed Woman: Charlize Theron—her Cinnabon-breast couture won few fans.
Best Dressed Man: Ryan Reynolds—a pretender to George Clooney's throne of perfection.
Best Dressed Woman: Sandra Bullock, because, well... "it's her year!"

*Not you, Khloe. You are a princess.