Tonight, Elinor Burkett—aka any combination of "Crazy," "Purple," "Kanye" and "Lady"—appeared on Joy Behar's show to set the record straight about her Oscar speech ambush of Music By Prudence co-producer Roger Ross Williams. Inside, Burkett's best moments.

If Burkett's interview with Behar proves one thing, it's that she's ah-mazing and should be immediately ordained an American Princess. Seriously, she's just... delicious—and in so many ways! Here are six of them.

1) She missed most of the Oscars because she was outside smoking, but doesn't care, because they were boring

2) She didn't understand the Kanye West comparisons at first because she lives in Zimbabwe, and thinks they don't apply to her because she actually won something

3) She says things like this with a straight face: "Either I could let him blather on... or I could interrupt so I get to talk"

4) She's not afraid to accuse Williams of using his elderly mother to get sympathy, even though "he didn't even turn to [her], he didn't hug her"

5) She's self-aware about being a bigmouth

6) She's reveling in all of this, as she should be

Somebody give this woman a talk show, already. Hook her up with the Salahis? I don't know. SOMETHING.

[The Joy Behar Show]