In 1988, responding to bad press regarding substance abuse, Corey Haim made a nine-minute video to reassure the world that he was living clean. Unfortunately, the video shows that he's suffering under the influence of drugs and self-delusion. Highlights inside.

Corey begins by showing his fans that he is healthy and "on the ball" and then illustrates his point by floating by on an inflatable crocodile.

Later, mid-photo-shoot, Corey expounds on his hopes for the future. It's actually quite heart-breaking listening to him detail a future he would never be able pull off, no matter how inane that vision of the future might seem.

Corey closes his video with a PSA of sorts - he talks directly into the camera and urges his fans not to engage in the kind of behavior that he couldn't keep himself away from, the same behavior that eventually killed him.

The full nine minutes can be viewed here.