Today at Gawker.TV, South Park's first-ever deleted scene, It's Always Sunny's Mac in an anti-smoking PSA as a teen, more pregnant teen-moms, Lost's flash-sideways re-imagined as a classroom television drama, and Steve Doocy's son gets schooled on Fox and Friends.

If LOST's Flash-Sideways Were an Actual Classroom TV Drama, It Would Look Like This
Could the show that has redefined science-fiction for the masses be the harbinger of what television-drama will become? While flashbacks and flashforwards gave the audience insight into character's lives, the flashsideways are what could make for cutting edge television drama.

Fox News Allows Liberal Opinion, Immediately Regrets It
Peter Doocy (Steve's kid) went rogue! Instead of interviewing the conservative parents Gretchen was expecting to see, Lil Doo got in way over his head with a liberal college student. Gretchen and Brian looked pissed.

South Park's First Ever Deleted Scene
After 13 long, and mostly hilarious seasons, South Park has finally released its first deleted scene. Thankfully, it does not involve any nudity or bodily fluids (those would never get cut), but it does involve a whole lot of f-bombs.

16 and Pregnant: Dad's Gone Fishin'
If a teen ever wants to go on 16 and Pregnant, there are three things MTV demands: Be 16, be pregnant, and have an emotionally abusive boyfriend. The only difference is the boy's hobby. Last night: hunting!

It's Always Sunny's Rob McElhenney Starred in a 90s Anti-Smoking PSA
Hey, kids of the 90s! Watch Mac from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia in this anti-smoking PSA from over a decade ago. He plays a high school kid who's asked if he'd smoked cigarettes before. Weirdly, we remember it well.