Last night, Rumer Willis started her lesbian quest for Adrianna on 90210, it was all about the Benjamins on LOST, and after that trashy pageants show, think I've finally given up on TLC.

If you're a Gawker.TV regular, then you've probably seen our recurring post about how to join the #tvparty. If you're new to Gawker.TV, welcome! And don't forget to check out Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Commenting on Gawker.TV. You will be all set and commenting away before you know it.

But with so many shows on each night, how can anyone keep track of the comments in #tvparty? We know scrolling through comments to find those few people talking about what you're watching is annoying.

That's why, every night, myself and a few other members of the Gawker.TV family will be in the #tvparty trenches right there with you, fueling the discussion for your favorite shows. Tonight, I'll be watching Modern Family and Psych. Not only is it the season finale, but it's second time this season that a brat packer has guest starred!

So, check out what's on tonight, pick your show, head on into the #tvparty and go nuts!