Bad news guys. There's just been a huge marijuana bust in New Jersey, the biggest of its kind in the state's history. Also? The police are onto your whole "drugged driving" thing.

Yeah, I don't know where you get yours from — or, rather, where the guy who you get yours from gets his from — but New Jersey state police just seized more than $10M in trees from a "sophisticated growing operation" in Middlesex County. Duuude! And look at how the cops caught onto them. From the New York Post:

State police said Wednesday that the sophisticated growing operation was first detected last month when a Monroe Township police officer smelled marijuana coming from the chimney of a home in the Middlesex County community. Police say a man inside was found to be burning unusable parts of pot plants in the fireplace.

Brilliant! Done in by the sweet smell of a wasted day.

While we're not terribly in the know about where our drugs come from, we fear this may be bad news for the moment. One time some dude in Canada got majorly busted and all of Boston, many miles away!, was dry for like a month. In the summer. Hopefully this isn't that bad.

Though maybe a dry spell would be good for the safety of America's roadways. The director of the U.S. Office of National Drug Control Policy recently issued a warning about people drugging and driving. While drunk driving stats have been in a down trend of late, these days one sixth of drivers "will be under the influence of an illicit or licit drug" on your typical weekend. This is why we are glad we don't drive in New York! Though, other people do. People from New Jersey. And we all know what they're up to. (Being dumb and getting caught and ruining all our fun. Though greatly reducing our Parmesan Goldfish consumption.)

And that, brahs, is Today In Drugs.