Today a sad thing happened, in Hollywood, in the world of celebrity, so we posted about it. And so did you! Lots and lots of comments — remembrances, odd little details, various other ephemera. Here are some samples.


I remember that episode of The Two Coreys when Haim was reading Defamer comments, and thinking: ouch, this probably won't end well.


I must have watched The Lost Boys thirty times on my VHS before the tape in the cassette twisted-up and the movie got all stop-moment, horny teenage blood-lust and epic hair gel 80s pop horror, on me.


Apparently, 2009 didn't do a good enough job of raping my childhood, so 2010 felt compelled to step in.


Sad. He was a kid my age from my neighbourhood in Toronto, so when he hit it big in the mid-80s, I remember being really jealous as all the girls were crazy about him. It was a big life lesson for me when he first got all messed up.

Still, I really hoped he'd turn it around. RIP.


Saddest part = Oakwood Apartments. They're a huge complex right near Warner Bros. and Disney and Universal where aspiring actors (largely unknown bit players and Disney Channel kids) are put up by the studios when they first land in Hollywood. Or by actors just passing through on projects that have finite shooting schedules.

Appropriately, they're affectionately known as the "Cokewood Apartments."

Unsolicited Advice:

We will remember the films, we will remember the struggles, but mostly? We will remember the hair. The lustrous, grabbable hair.