A Pittsburgh woman was away when repo men invaded her not-foreclosed home and "stopped utility services, cut water lines and electrical wiring, damaged flooring and finishings, poured antifreeze into sinks and toilets," and stole her parrot.

According to the Wall Street Journal, when Angela Ianelli complained, and tried to get her parrot, whose name is Luke, back, the bank escalated the incident to a hostage-like situation: "[Bank of America] first denied knowing where the parrot was, and later told her she could go to the offices of the [repo] contractor, about 80 miles away, to retrieve the bird herself. Ms. Iannelli said bank representatives also told her they were "tired" of hearing from her, hung up on her and advised her to seek help from the police."

Now facing a lawsuit from Ianelli, the bank says it is reviewing her complaints and will "consider any hardship that resulted." Very big of them.