Usually focus groups are created to, ya know, harness a show's focus. So when Seinfeld announced on Regis and Kelly today that people don't understand that The Marriage Ref is supposed to be funny, he's basically admitting it isn't funny.

All of the promotions for the show were shots of big celebrities laughing uproariously, but the show claims to score an argument between a man and wife, eventually determining a winner. Except it isn't? Because it doesn't take itself seriously? So what exactly is the point of a show if it's claims to settle and argument, but doesn't really care and just wants to be funny? That's not a rhetorical question, I really do want an answer.

It was a sad reveal for Jerry Seinfeld to say that people don't get the show, because most people shouldn't have to "get" comedy. If you have to explain a joke to someone, it isn't a joke. And The Marriage Ref certainly requires explanation.

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