In your sober Thursday media column: another round of layoffs hits BusinessWeek, Sulzberger Jr. goes to court, a cop fired for helping a drunk newsman, and Adam Nagourney may be headed to LA.

Suzlbergheir watch: NYT publisher-to-be A "to the" G Sulzberger the Youngest pens a story todayabout a court case in which a father is being asked to pay for his son's sins. Hmmmm.

The predicted BusinessWeek layoffs came down today; about 20 straight layoffs and ten reassignments, according to Keith Kelly. Among the departed: writers Tom Lowry and Michelle Conlin, along with "almost all of the art and photo departments."

A cop in Aspen was fired for giving a drunk local newspaper editor a ride rather than a DUI when she found him out drunk one night. He promised to go easier on her in the paper in regards to some scandalous behavior she was engaged in. Which makes it sound like the public would be better served if he were fired, but whatever.

Michael Calderone says the NYT's top political reporter, Adam Nagourney, "is expected to leave the politics beat to become the paper's next Los Angeles bureau chief." Not sure how this plays into the "DC is Hollywood for ugly people" dynamic, but it clearly does, somehow.