Today at Gawker.TV, Jerry Seinfeld essentially admits that people don't understand The Marriage Ref, sports mascots behaving very badly, Whoopi Golberg gives her impression of Heidi Montag, and Bradley Cooper dishes about the penis on his neck.

Jerry Seinfeld Admits The Marriage Ref Is a Failure
Usually focus groups are created to, ya know, harness a show's focus. So when Seinfeld announced on Regis and Kelly today that people don't understand that The Marriage Ref is supposed to be funny, he's basically admitting it isn't funny.

Keep your Caulk out of Gretchen Carlson's Butt
Black market butt implants are never a good thing, but hearing Fox and Friends' Gretchen Carlson say "injected with caulk" is almost worth the tragic hospitalizations. Unlike Regis and Kelly, on Fox, caulk is not a joke.

Bradley Cooper: "Ken Jeong's Penis on My Neck Was Very Normal"
Chelesa Handler dived into the important questions while interviewing Bradley Cooper: his gay movie roles and Ken Jeong's manjunk. Bradley talks about his role in Wet Hot American Summer and how "that scene" in The Hangover came to be.

Whoopi Channels Valley Girl Heidi Montag on The View
Talking about Heidi Montag's managerial switch from her husband, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, to personal psychic consultations, Whoopi Goldberg imitated the New Age California girl and won Barbara Walters' ultimate accolades for her ditzy-voiced impression.

Sports Mascots Behaving Badly
The history of sports mascotting is fraught with violence. Well, not really. But sometimes mascots can take things a little too far, resulting in pissed off fans or people dressed as cartoon animals punching one another in their plush faces.