An Apple Store staffer said she was choked by Richard Belzer. The Law & Order star, meanwhile, says he just touched the employee's shoulders to get her attention. Plus she's a crazy person who kept him waiting.

According to the New York Post, Upper West Side store employee Milan Agnew said that after she first approached Belzer and offered her assistance, the actor grabbed her shoulders, shook and choked her and then yelled, "I need help!"

Belzer, meanwhile, told the Post the woman had "slipped through the cracks" of Apple's employee screening and ginned up the charges because she "wanted attention." But he admitted he felt he had waited an unusually long time for service and was trying to get attention.

New York police reviewed surveillance video and decided Belzer didn't commit a crime, so the actor says the ball is in Apple's court:

It's surprising that Apple would not apologize to such a high-profile, good customer. I've spent thousands of dollars there.

Spending thousands of dollars in the Apple store makes you a VIP? Then, given Apple's prices, the A-list just got completely unmanageable.

(Pic: Belzer at the Upper West Side Apple Store opening in November. Maybe really is a fanboy. Getty Images.)