Tonight on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart delivered a one-two punch: one against President Obama for treating his health care reform speeches like campaign theater, and one against Fox News for continuing to spin its coverage. Inside, video of both.

First, Stewart noted the media's embarrassing hyperbole in its coverage of Obama's "final push" for the health care reform bill, before going after Obama for essentially giving credence to the hype with his campaign-style theatrics as of late.

Stewart also managed to get in a few good jabs at American Idol in the process and made fun of Kara DioGuardi for the crocodile tears (and other ridiculousness) she "cried" during last night's episode.

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Then, Stewart did what he can't seem to resist lately: calling out Fox News—and, specifically, anchorhottie Megyn Kelly—for its obvious bias disguised as fair and balanced, "just the facts, ma'am" reportage.

*Snaps*, "You go, girl," etc.

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