Tonight, Project Runway's designers attempted to summon Captain Planet. While standing on the roof of the Atlas building and balefully gazing onto greener pastures, Tim informed the contestants that this week's look was to be inspired by the four elements.

And like naughty Planeteers, each designer chose to completely ignore his instructions. Instead of, ya know, listening to the ol' man they chose to draw their inspiration from things like "laughter" aka air, and "sharks" aka water, and hot topic fetish wear aka "the new york skyline at night." Most bizarre was Amy's take on fire, which apparently mandated Lady Godiva hair extensions and some sort of boob-holding soup bowl shirt. Ultimately, Ben was sent home because of his not-so-classy fish pant suit and Jonathan won because he made a million children giggle in delight. Which once again proves the old adage, Laughter > Shark, every time.

[Project Runway]