Commenters, friends, and the Gawker.TV crew socialized the night away at The Blue Seats, a sports bar with huge flatscreen TVs in every direction. Here are the photos to prove it.

All photos were shot by the lovely and talented Diana Levine.

The well-dressed Cassie Seale, Sergio Hernandez, and Adam Estes.


Dodai Stewart and her friend smile pretty for the camera. It always begins innocently enough...

Happy, sober people discussing some fantastic ideas.


Lucky for us, The Cajun Boy dropped by!

Some people just can't distance themselves from technology.

Etan Berkowitz thinks that something's funny.

Stuck between two dapper gents: Anderson Evans and Chris Crowl.

Liz Boulduc and Tara Atkinson are up in arms about something!

Krutika Mallikarjuna and her friend will most definitely rough you up.

Richard Blakeley's telling Devon Irete and Nick Rizzo about something that's clearly epic.

Frank Cozzarelli is wondering the same thing we are... hands above the table, Toder!

It's nice to see Kirk Larsen not editing anything for once.

Hey everybody, Yoni's here!

All the attractive girls in the area made their way to our party.

These folks are just trying to not look out of place at a sports bar.

Lindsay Kaplan and Max Gross talk serious business.

Jill Lawson, Adrian Muniz, and Mike Jordan intently discuss the basketball games surrounding them.

A part of the waitstaff pretends like she doesn't hate us all and smiles alongside Yoni Lotan, Kirk Larsen, and David Matthews.

We don't know, either.

Then Katie Fahrenthold and Anna Edwards showed up and made all the girls in the bar envious of their adorable ensembles.

Let's just say there was a lot of clapping going on.

And slow dancing by Melissa Noble and "her gay."

This guy bought a "book" off a crazy dude on the street. As it turned out, it was probably the best two dollars he would ever spend.

And all of the cool kids stayed outside smoking cigarettes. The End.