Jessica Simpson does not brush her teeth. Like, ever. The Celebrity Industrial Complex thinks this is big news you want to know. Really, do we have nothing else to talk about?

Our personal feelings about Jessica Simpson aside, this story about Simpson using a sweater instead of a toothbrush to clean her teeth which ran on Us Weekly's website today is probably the silliest celebrity news story since Us posted that Simpson farted in a business meeting.

Yes, celebrities, they're just like us! They fart. And they don't floss every day. They also have two desserts sometimes, smoke cigarettes when they're drunk, and spend entire Sundays watching marathons of America's Next Top Model reruns they've already seen. It's shocking! But if we have to start reading dispatches about the frequency of Lindsay Lohan's bowel movements or the details of Britney Spears urinary tract infection, it's going to be a very sad world.

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