Seriously! It was not bad last night. And if Madonna didn't try to take over every single conversation, it would almost have been good. Only one problem, this is the only week with Larry David and Ricky Gervais.

David and Gervais (especially David) brought enthusiasm, cynicism, and overall great comedy chops onto the show last night. David delivered zingers, he put down Madonna, he let Madonna put him down, and he he went back and forth with Ricky Gervais, as they played very well off of each other.

The format for the show will always remain terrible, and Tom Papa absolutely has to go (I don't care how good of friends he is with Seinfeld, he is HORRIBLE), but as last night's episode proves, funny people with good attitudes can make this show worth watching. Of course, the best episode of The Marriage Ref coincided with its biggest dip in ratings. It slipped from first to third last night. So America gets it right by not watching this show, but gets it wrong because they missed the best one yet. Let's just go ahead and take the easy way out and blame NBC.

The Marriage Ref