Because it's a silly, chilly Friday, let's have a silly and slightly chilling CotD, shall we? This one's from an American Idol recap, so many of you have probably not read it. But this comment needs to be read.

From sanyucat:

One thing they haven't been showing this season is that as each eliminated contestant leaves the stage for the last time, a lurking Bowersox will crush his or her skull in with a ball peen hammer. Next, the Bowersox will paw through the contestant's belongings, selecting items that are not necessarily valuable in a monetary sense but which may be shiny and/or pleasing to the Bowersox's eye or to its dirty, oily fingers. The Bowersox may speculatively bite small, metallic items in effort to determine consistency, intended purpose, or place of origin. If items are of interest, they will be secreted away in some of the many animal-skin, felt, and macramé pouches the Bowersox wears about its person. Finally, under cover of darkness, the Bowersox will drag each contestant's body to the parking lot and set it on fire in an oil drum.

Terrific. Even if you don't know who/what a Crystal Bowersox is, you can still appreciate the funny.

Good weekends to everyone! (Except you, you know who you are...)