On her show tonight, Suze Orman entertained a request from a woman who wanted to buy $1,400 headphones. Orman then went on a sweet/hilarious/awesome tangent about her love for Lady Gaga—love that's not reciprocated, apparently. Video inside.

It all happened during the "Can I Afford It?" segment of tonight's episode. The woman, Michelle, asked Orman if she could afford to spend $1,400 on some crazy pair of headphones so that she didn't have to listen to her kids screaming after a long day at work.

Orman reminded Michelle that she could always use Apple's earbuds, before making a mention of Heartbeats by Lady Gaga that turned into the most adorable fangirling session ever.

Here's a transcript of Orman's remarks in full:

I don't know if you know this, but I am a total Lady Gaga freak. I love Lady Gaga! Have you seen her new little headphones that are the little diamonds, and they look like you have earrings on, and you can wear them? And they're only like a hundred some odd dollars. Have you seen those? (Michelle: They're gorgeous!) Aren't they? But so—-oh, do you like Lady Gaga, too? (Michelle: "I do!") I went and saw her in Miami! But guess what? I asked if I could come backstage... they said no! That's the first time I've ever been denied! It was like, what do you mean? I'm Suze Orman, everybody lets me come backstage! 'No, we too busy!' You know her "Telephone?" 'I'm too busy!'

So, it seems Orman was denied a backstage visit because Gaga was k-kinda busy—which is a travesty, because the two of them in a room together would surely be one of the best things ever.

One day!

(Fun fact: Orman told me previously that "Telephone" was her favorite Gaga song.)

[The Suze Orman Show]

(Thanks to Gawker Media Video intern Jon Martin for the Suze-as-Gaga thumbnail picture.)