Brangelina's Sex Life Not as Noisy as Previously Thought

But now we've got a marijuana rumor. Emma Watson gets an on-campus boyfriend. Liz Hurley and Hugh Grant reunite to trade tips for graceful aging. Courtney Love admits to physically harming her daughter. Sunday gossip turns back the clock.

  • Brangelina sex: Not as noisy as we thought. Yet another unauthorized Brangelina biographer says the stench of marijuana caused Kenyan police to bust into Brangelina's hotel room in 2005—not loud screaming banshee sex, as was previously thought. Police raided the room and "found nothing." [P6]

  • Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant have revived their friendship because Hugh is getting wrinkly and needs Liz's advice about Botox: "Hugh has been speaking to Liz about her favorite facialists and dermatologists" said a British person. [Daily Mail fourth item]

  • Boris & Natasha-esque gossip duo Rush & Molloy set their moose and squirrel sights on Courtney Love and her trainwreck friends. Despite a recent tweet attack and retreat on Edward Norton (she accused him of losing a $300,000 investment, then realized he in fact tripled it) Love considers him a "force of good" for relaying messages from Courtney to estranged daughter Frances Bean Cobain, which is actually pretty awful since Bean has a restraining order and Love admits to physically harming her: "I grabbed her with both arms. That left a bruise and she took a picture of her bruise." She says it was Frances' fault for starting it. [R&M]

  • The inevitable has arrived: Emma Watson broke up with old man beau Jay Barrymore and is now seeing fellow Brown student and Spanish musician Rafael Cebrian, who convinced her to join a campus production of Chekhov's Three Sisters. The twelve other kids in that play must feel awesome. [DailyMail]

  • The booze-soaked party that led to Ben Roethlisberger's sexual assault accusation had a name: Ben-a-Palooza. There were t-shirts. And a party bus. And, yes, digital pictures. [TMZ]

  • Disney stars Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas finally confirmed they are dating. They met on the set of Camp Rock. Demi used to date Trace Cyrus. This item is like one of those a high-frequency young-person dog whistles; if you recognize more than two proper nouns, you are not old enough to drive a car. [NYDN]

  • 50 Cent's security guard started a brawl with two paparazzos, and other paparazzos caught it on film. The scuffle lasts a second or two, and the squeaky-sneakered journalists run around in circles like scared mice as the ginormous security guard (they come up to his bellybutton) lumbers around swatting at them, like the cat in Tom & Jerry. [Radar]

  • Real Housewife of New York Bethenny Frankel changed her wedding date because, "if she's a heavily pregnant bride, she'll get more attention." By reversing every social protocol, you too can be a reality star. [P6]

  • Odd couple and costars Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jamie Kennedy confirmed their break-up. Who will share her vajazzle with next? [People]

  • Brittny Gastineau is as "shocked" (read: flattered) as we were that she was a Burglar Bunch target. Burglar Buncher Alexis Neiers (whose E! reality show premieres tonight) hit back where it hurts: "Brittny who? I have no idea who she is." I am contemplating watching this hooligan's show. [TMZ]

  • Kylie Minogue earns $16,800 a day. That number is so ludicrous, I rechecked the pound-dollar conversion rate twice. Royalties on two decades of international hit records really adds up, apparently. [DailyMail]