Journalist Deborah Schoeneman says out loud when much of Hollywood already suspected: Hurt Locker director Kathryn Bigelow—who was once married to director James Cameron—is dating Hurt Locker screenwriter Mark Boal.

Some choose mates for congruous sex lives, politics, laughter, or bookshelves. And there's the jobsexual: a person who either works so much, or loves so much to work that she always seems to end up dating the guy one desk over. (Oscar statuettes do, after all, shine a flattering light.) Bigelow worked creatively with ex-husband James Cameron, too, including one of her infrequent screen appearances in a music video he directed for an '80s Bill Paxton band. After their marriage ended in 1991, Cameron and Bigelow would maintain a friendly enough relationship to collaborate on Strange Days in 1995. Now Bigelow's career is intersecting with her personal life, again. [HuffPo]