This A-lister is into S/M, another star must leave his sunglasses on in bed, and an actress likes to bed down with her brother and his wife. Next to them, a cheating actor looks normal. Today's safe word is "gossip."

1. "What A list television and movie actor broke up with his most recent girlfriend because she didn't spank him hard enough?" [CDaN]

2. "Which star has a weird fetish for leaving his sunglasses on during the throes of passion? But the heartbreaker will not be budged and says it's essential to keep up his mojo. What can he mean?" [UK Mirror]

3. "This starting to age but still gorgeous B- list movie and television actress has a very intimate relationship with her brother. So much so that she sleeps in the same bed as her brother and his wife." [CDaN]

4. "This guy may be a talented actor, but his fame so far has been more about his personal life rather than his professional life. That may change with the release of his next film, which he hopes will be the one that launches him for his talent, rather than for whom he is dating. However, be prepared for him to dump his current arm candy if the numbers show that his relationship with her prevents people from taking him seriously. It will be sad when he breaks her heart, though, because while he sees her as a publicity ploy, she is genuinely in love with him." [Blind Gossip]

5. "This right on the cusp of A list television and movie actor on a very hit network show is supposedly happily married. Why then did he spend the night with this A list comedienne." [CDaN]